Essay about Native Americans and English Settlers

WasВ ConflictВ BetweenВ NativeВ NorthВ AmericansВ andВ EnglishВ SettlersВ Inevitable? В В


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UntilВ theВ lionsВ tellВ theirВ stories, В theВ hunterВ willВ alwaysВ beВ theВ hero​. ” HistoryВ isВ basicallyВ

writtenВ aboutВ theВ victors. В TheВ versionВ thatВ tendsВ toВ makeВ aВ groupВ lookВ betterВ isВ alwaysВ told. В ThereВ areВ manyВ examples В inВ historyВ suchВ asВ theВ historyВ betweenВ theВ NativesВ andВ EnglishВ settlers. В PeopleВ mayВ argueВ howВ EuropeansВ comingВ toВ America, В invadingВ NativeВ NorthВ Americans В homeВ forВ thereВ requirements, В causedВ conflict, В becauseВ theyВ didn'tВ come В toВ makeВ relationshipsВ onlyВ determinedВ toВ getВ whatВ theyВ wish. В TheВ eventualВ conflictsВ thatВ tookВ placeВ betweenВ NativeВ NorthВ AmericansВ andВ EnglishВ settlersВ wasВ notВ inevitable, В meaningВ preventable, В becauseВ EnglishВ wereВ ableВ toВ liveВ amongstВ NativeВ NorthВ Americans В peacefully, В reliedВ onВ themВ asВ allies, В andВ wereВ ableВ toВ culturalВ exchangeВ andВ synchronize. В

HistoricalВ ContextВ

It is believed by archaeologists that thousands of years in the past,  Americans came from  Asia as they were following animals across a land bridge that was created  during the Ice Age.  As the people came into America they began to journey east and south through many harsh conditions.  They were known as very skilled hunters and had adapted into their environment.  (​

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)В ByВ 1492, В whenВ ColumbusВ arrivedВ fromВ Europe, В heВ namedВ theВ groupВ ofВ peopleВ heВ cameВ inВ contactВ withВ firstВ " Indians”, В asВ heВ wasВ searchingВ forВ IndiaВ believedВ that'sВ whereВ heВ was. В

DecadesВ afterwards, В asВ NativesВ beganВ toВ makeВ firstВ encountersВ withВ EuropeanВ settlers, В theВ populationВ beganВ toВ decreaseВ asВ theВ NativesВ wereВ beingВ exposedВ toВ diseasesВ suchВ asВ smallpox,  ​ influenza, В

measles and other diseases as they lacked the natural immunities to European germs.  They were not used to this sickness.  (​

WeВ ShallВ Remain/AfterВ TheВ Mayflower)В

ManyВ tribesВ livedВ inВ NorthВ AmericaВ beforeВ theВ English, В suchВ asВ Protestants, whichВ wereВ peopleВ whoВ wereВ aВ groupВ ofВ EnglishВ ProtestantsВ thatВ didn'tВ agreeВ withВ someВ ofВ theВ waysВ ofВ theВ ChurchВ ofВ EnglandВ beganВ toВ arriveВ inВ theВ 1600sВ meetingВ withВ variousВ tribesВ thatВ wereВ aВ partВ ofВ theВ Algonquin. В (patheos. com)В ManyВ peopleВ hadВ begunВ toВ departВ fromВ EnglandВ toВ makeВ aВ profitВ offВ theВ manyВ resourcesВ theyВ wouldВ findВ inВ America, В thereforeВ theyВ soughtВ outВ toВ gainВ moreВ land. В InВ 1607, В threeВ shipsВ dockedВ inВ Jamestown, В makingВ themВ theВ firstВ EnglishВ peopleВ toВ settleВ downВ inВ whatВ isВ nowВ theВ U. S. В OnВ theВ shipВ wereВ 103В peopleВ andВ theyВ choseВ JohnВ SmithВ toВ governingВ councilВ (nps. gov). В Just before В theВ 1620s, В manyВ EuropeansВ cameВ toВ AmericaВ forВ tradingВ forВ resourcesВ withВ theВ NativesВ toВ acquireВ furs, В thoughНѕВ theyВ hadВ theВ EnglishВ builtВ aВ badВ reputationВ forВ capturingВ andВ killingВ theВ Natives. В В

InВ 1621, В aВ groupВ ofВ pilgrims, В peopleВ whoВ migrateВ toВ placesВ forВ religiousВ cause, В arrivedВ andВ wereВ settlingВ inВ whatВ wouldВ becomeВ theВ MassachusettsВ BayВ Colony. В AsВ theyВ settledВ theyВ cameВ acrossВ aВ tribeВ knownВ asВ theВ Wampanoag, В whoВ barelyВ hadВ anyВ membersВ leftВ asВ theyВ wereВ struckВ withВ aВ terribleВ disease, В thusВ desperateВ forВ allies. В TheВ twoВ hadВ agreedВ onВ formingВ anВ alliance, В whichВ theyВ bothВ dependedВ onВ inВ orderВ toВ survive. В TheВ twoВ groupsВ sheВ bothВ hadВ celebratedВ theВ firstВ ThanksgivingВ wereВ celebratedВ byВ twoВ groupsВ toВ celebrateВ theВ colony'sВ firstВ effectiveВ harvest. (В scholastic. com)В InВ 1622, В anВ eventВ knownВ asВ TheВ IndianВ Massacre, В whichВ wasВ

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Powhatan Confederacy trying to get rid of the colony of settlers,  which was the spark of conflict as 300 people were killed (​

virtualjamestown. org). В

PossibilitiesВ ofВ PeaceВ

InВ theВ 1600s, В...

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