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Organizational Structure

David Wiseman


Nov 8, 2010

Robert Whipple, MBA

Company Structure two


This paper attempt to analyze the organizational design and structure of a community- based clinic. Is the company structure mechanistic or organic and natural? Insights in how the organization attempts to reduce employees' work-life conflict will not the organization develop an ethical and great culture. Initially an study of organizational composition. Organizational Framework

" An organizations structure defines just how job jobs are technically divided, grouped and coordinated. There are half a dozen key elements that managers ought to address if they design their very own organizations structure: work field of expertise, departmentalization, string of command word, span of control, centralization and decentralization, and formalization” (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 519).

Most of the 6 elements dealt with are easily described in the hospital setting. You will discover clearly defined departments that execute job responsibilities specific to this specialization. The business can be considered central, as decision making is often controlled by elderly leadership. Formalization within the business varies, some jobs possess low formalization such as breastfeeding, although a spat could be manufactured that breastfeeding has high formalization related to clearly defined policies governing function process nevertheless based on differing patient census, complexity of procedures performed, and sufferer assignment, nurses have a great deal latitude to accomplish their careers. An example of a job with excessive formalization could be environmental solutions where there happen to be clearly defined techniques for washing of sufferer rooms, operating rooms, and also other

Company Structure three or more

non-patient proper care areas. Cycle of command is precise by personnel reporting to department managers, who are accountable to department...

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