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Liberty Theological seminary


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with the Requirements for the training course

PACO 500-C01

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Mark Davis


[email protected] edu

september 23, 2012


Week one particular

Reference: " Pastors are usually unique between counselors because of the social and symbolic tasks. People strategy pastors, therefore , with different objectives than those to helping professionals. ” (Benner, 33)

Expression: This estimate reminds me that having the location of a prelado gives one great responsibility equally before gentleman and Our god as a representative of God in people. Additionally , if " fair” or not really, people maintain pastors to a higher standard because of the position.

Moving: I hope and pray that as I continue to grow through this course and focus on my own responsibilities that include the position I must be happy to give of myself whole-heartedly to accomplish the work of assisting to lead people into everything that God would desire these to be. I realize that apart from the Holy Soul I will not be effective through this ministry. Alternatively, I must end up being completely posted to the Soul and His management in order to be successful as a loyal minister and pastor to lead the lamb entrusted to him.

Week 2

Guide: " Perspective came when I discovered that most of the people have inside them the resources to properly manage their particular lives. When they momentarily may be upset and baffled, with support and clarification, they will get their talents and take care of their lives. This perception helps myself keep title of problems where this belongs. ” (Petersen, 72)

Reflection: Like a Christian counselor I have a responsibility not to " fix” householder's problems, but to help them see their problems in light of God's Word and help guidebook them to a life that brings glory to Our god. It extends back to the thought of give a guy a seafood feed him for a day, teach him to fish feed him for a lifetime.

New house purchase: Dear Father, help me to be effective as a counselor to be an extension of you in my counselee's lives. Produce wisdom and guidance as to how to direct each individual to find the ability in God's Term and with the leading of the Ay Spirit to handle their problems in a trend that provides honor for you. My goal is to help people become dependent not in me as being a counselor or guide, but to find assurance in the Term of Goodness coupled with the Holy Heart.

Week several

Reference: " When we admit the counselee as the expert, our company is recognizing the resourcefulness that proceeds from his own personal background grace occasions. ” (Kollar, 73) Reflection: As the counselor I must recognize that no person knows the counselee better than himself. As such, apart from the O Spirit, dr. murphy is the greatest advantage to assisting " solve” his difficulty. When using SFBT the focus should be upon finding the solutions not dwelling on the problems. Which is not to say the fact that problems are dismissed, but rather sketching upon the Lord's past work in his life, as Kollar describes, " grace events, ” that enable an individual being reminded of God's superb forgiveness and redemption.

Moving: Dear Dad, help me to become a tool use with your hands to be effective in ministry and in the lives of the those you grant myself the opportunity to help foster biblical change. Assist to point my counselees to the expect that is based on Christ and discover the solutions instead of dwelling on the concerns. Grant knowledge to help all of us move past the problems and into your superb grace. Make them to see the O Spirit who indwells all of them and enables them to become more conformed towards the image of Christ.

Week some

Reference: " Problem targeted counselors perspective counseling goals from the perspective of concerns or concerns the counselee wants to work on, behaviors he wants to modify or marriage difficulties this individual faces. Regardless of how sincerely these kinds of goals happen to be addressed, the may perpetuate a focus for the problem....

Referrals: Benner, David G. the year 2003. Strategic pastoral counseling: a short-term structured model. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic.

Cloud, Henry. 2004. 9 things simply need to do to succeed in love and life. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.

Kollar, Charles Allen. 2011. Solution-focused pastoral counseling: an efficient short-term strategy for getting persons back on course. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

Petersen, James C. 2007. Why don't we listen better? Portland, OR PERHAPS: Petersen Publishing.


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