Essay regarding Physics Velocity Notes


2 . 1Distance and Displacement

• Length is the total length have a shifting object irrespective of the direction of motion, we. e. only the magnitude is of importance. • Displacement is a distance tested in right line And a specific d__________________. Both value and d_________________ are important. Case in point 1

A car travels your five km credited east and makes a U-turn back to travel a further distance of 3 kilometres. Find (a) the distance covered, (b)its shift.

|(a) Range covered = 5 + 3 = 8 km |[pic] | |(b) Displacement = your five – several = 2 km credited east of starting point. |

installment payments on your 2Speed and Velocity (Text pg forty eight: Unit several. 2)

Vectors and Scalars

• scalars – size ONLY

• vectors – magnitude & direction


• understood to be the rate of change of distance, put simply, distance transferred per unit time • instantaneous velocity: speed at that particular instant

Average acceleration = Total distance

Total time

• SI device: metre per second (ms-1)

• 1 ms-1 = km h-1


Model 2

In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Bill Johnson pennyless the world record to run 100 metres in 9. 83 seconds. The fact that was his average speed?

Typical speed= 75 / being unfaithful. 83

= 10. a couple of ms–1


• Defined as the rate of change of displacement. It really is speed in a specific way. • When ever asked for the speed of an target, have to point out the speed and direction with the object. • 2 automobiles may have the same speed but different speed.

• Adverse sign indicates opposite course

Example three or more

If the period taken for the car in example 1 to move via O to E can be 0. 2-hour, calculate (a)the average acceleration and (b)the average velocity.

(a)Average speed= total distance covered / total time taken

= 8 as well as 0. 2

= forty km h–1

(b)Average velocity= total displacement / total time considered

= two / 0. 2

= 10 kilometers h–1 due east of starting point Um.

2 . 3Displacement–Time graphs

1 ) displacement –- distance in a certain course.

2 . The gradient of s–t chart is the speed of the target. 3. An optimistic gradient with the displacement–time chart indicates which the object is moving in precisely the same direction as the shift. 4. An adverse gradient in the displacement–time graph indicates which the object can be moving in the other direction to the displacement. five. A actually zero gradient in the displacement–time curve indicates that the object is stationary.

Example 4

(a)What is the shift at (i)t = 3s?

(ii)t sama dengan 15s?

(iii) t = 18s?

(b)What is the velocity at (i)t = 3s?

(ii)t = 15s?

(iii) t sama dengan 18s?

installment payments on your 4Acceleration

six. Defined as the speed of change of speed. Direction of acceleration is definitely the direction of change in velocity. Acceleration sama dengan Final velocity – Preliminary velocity


a =v – u


a: acceleration v: final velocity t: time u: initial speed 7. SI unit: ms–2

8. Adverse acceleration sama dengan deceleration / retardation

on the lookout for. If an object is moving in a straight collection, but adjustments its velocity, it is speeding up. (such just as a 95 m sprint) 10. In the event that an object is usually moving by constant velocity but improvements its path as it moves (such since whirling a stone attached to a string), it is speeding up.

|Example five |[pic] | |A tour bus starts coming from rest and achieves a velocity of 20 ms–1 (72 kmh–1) in twelve s while| | |moving westwards by a starting point U. Calculate the average speeding. |

Average acceleration= (20 – 0) / 10

= 2 ms–1 due...


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