Essay about Proyecto Roca

ROCA clinico

1 . Intro

1 . 1 . Firm History

1 ) 2 . Mission, Vision and Values

1 . 3. Objectives of the company (optional)

2 . Examination

2 . 1 . Exterior environment (STEEP)

installment payments on your 2 . Competitive analysis (5 forces)

2 . 3. Life routine analysis

2 . some. Internal evaluation

a few. SWOT

4. Organization Strategy

5. Findings and tips

1 . Launch

Roca Managerial Corporation, S i9000. A. is a holding business of companies dedicated to the look, production and commercialization of goods for the space of shower destined to the architecture, the construction and the home of bath. Roca is a capital firm entirely The spanish language, that within the last years offers experienced an extraordinary international development based on the acquisition of businesses of the sector of the bathtub in different countries on the planet. The group possesses centers of creation in several continents, features 68 industries in 18 countries, and approximately 18. 700 workers in the whole universe.

Roca can be leading in the commercial of the bathroom and operates in more than 135 markets. Additionally , it offers an area committed to the production and commercialization of pavements and ceramic films.

Last season the corporation come to a yield of 1. four twenty million Pounds. His current strategy proceeds for combining his presence inside the countries from the crew called BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

1 ) 2 History

Roca started his activity in 1917 as Company Roca Radiators S. A. This company was devoting on its own exclusively towards the manufacture of radiators of cast straightener for the domestic heat in his GavГ factory (Barcelona).

In 1925 that they started making the first boilers of smelting and in 1929 they initiated the production of tubs of cast straightener. In 1936 Roca My spouse and i begin to type a part in the sector from the sanitary porcelain and in 1954 it began to also plumbing fixtures. In 1962, it inaugurated the other factory of porcelain in Alcala sobre Henares.

From left to right: Maties, Angela, MartГ­n and Josep Roca my spouse and i Soler, children of Pere Roca creator of workshops Roca It had been in 1963, with the unit installation in March of a manufacturing plant in Sabadell (Barcelona) committed to the production of devices of air conditioning, Roca turned into major Spanish companies in entering on the new market of the air conditioning.

In late 1960s, the third manufacturing plant of porcelain was

started out, in Guadaira's Alcala (Seville),

and in 1974 it was inaugurated a stock

of metallic pipes.

The entry of the company inside the sector in the ceramics happened in the 10 years of the eighties. Ceramics of Foix, a great affiliated business, was the starting of this Ceramics business area. In 1989 Pe?a acquired in Portugal a factory of bathroom fittings. Throughout the decades with the 80 as well as the 90, commercial subsidiaries had been established; agreements were consolidated by leading companies when ever acquisitions and association functions were materialized.

On January 24, 2002, Company Piedra Radiators S i9000. A. initiated a process of restructuring from the crew with the purpose of turning the different parts of business in independent firms. To carry out this kind of project Piedra was constituted in a Managerial Corporation, T. A., the existing company. The restructuring in the company completed in june 2006 with the sale of the business of heating and air conditioning while using aim to focus on the business from the bathroom, which will world command was reached in the 1st months of 2006.

1 ) 3 Objective, Vision and Values


To help the success from the building and space remodeling...


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