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Range Technology Conventional paper capable of storing 450GB developed by MCA Student Simply by Adm inistrator - Nov 25, 2006 | Standard


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It may be a chance to bid goodbye to Cd albums, DVDs and Zip pushes. According to a report in the Arab Reports, a school technology college student at the Muslim educational contemporary society Engineering School in Kerala, Sainul Abideen has made a method of saving massive levels of digital info on simply a plain old document. Abideen statements that the newspaper has the storage capacity which is often more than the ability of the best Bluray or HD-DVD discs. Abideen's invention, which usually goes by the name of Rainbow technology can enable him to store up to a large 450GB in just a piece of paper. However , after a real life exhibition of the same, it absolutely was concluded that the technology even now needs even more development. Abideen claims that his Offers a system is much better than binary

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storage, because it uses geometric shapes just like squares and hexagons to symbolize data patterns, instead of the usual binary approach that uses ones and zeros to symbolize data.

Rainbow Technology Daily news capable of storing 450GB developed by MCA Student -- TechShout apple ipad tablet Giveaway

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Besides, color is usually Shopping. Indiatim e h. com employed in the Rainbow 16 GIGABYTE Pen Travel @ 496 system, to symbolize Sandisk 16GB at 67% Off. Pay Cash on other info elements. Delivery. Free Shipping. Get Now To be able to read the tradus. in/16GB-Pe n-Drive -496 Range prints, all that is required is known as a scanner and specialized software. The news reporter of Arabic News says to have seen 450 webpages of completely printed foolscap being kept on a 4-square inch item of Rainbow paper. The reporter also stated that he was shown a 45-second video recording that was stored making use of the Rainbow program on a ordinary piece of paper. Curiously, the 45-second video don't say a lot, and if the Rainbow program can retail store up to 450 GB, then simply soon we might be watching fulllength high-definition video tutorials from some paper! One of the major features of the Range system is the...


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