Essay regarding Recruitment and Selection of Nokia

Recruitment and Selection Practice of NOKIA

Executive overview:

For this project, we have chosen the company NOKIA. Nokia can be described as mobile telecommunications company, and offers far more than simply mobile phones for everyday make use of. Nokia is a global leader in mobile marketing and sales communications whose products have become a fundamental element of the lives of people around the globe. Every day, more than 1 . several billion persons use their very own Nokia for capturing and share experience, access information, find their particular way or just to speak to the other person. Nokia's technical and design innovations make its brand one of the most acknowledged in the world. They give networking solutions for businesses that help businesses stay connected and exchange their views at all times and places. On their behalf, Nokia also provides special mobile phones with beautiful and exclusive functions and options. In this project, we all will initially talk about what Nokia is definitely and what they do. We can talk about their history, and how they found where they may be today. Perspective, goals, and their strategy are discussed, along with details about nokia's recruitment and selection practice. However , similar to most other companies, Nokia has some disadvantages, but all of us consider these to become very minimal, and almost only fall to their competition.

Table of content:


1 . you Origin from the paper: This kind of report has become prepared to help to make a study on the " Recruitment and Selection practise " as a part of the fulfillment of thesis plan required for the completion of the BBA plan of the management Faculty of Business Government of East West University or college. The report was ready under the oversight of Eithica Tanzin, lecturer of Business Administration, East West School. I was very much grateful to him for assigning me this sort of types of project operate.

1 . 2 Objectives from the paper:

2. To find out the procedures, methods and approaches related to recruitment and selection applying in the NOKIA. * To find out the various internal and external sources of recruitment the organization is usually applying for prospecting the people from the inside or beyond the organization. * To know about the working environment of the corporation. * To understand and encounter something from your HR office that the way the recruitment and selection method is going in in the organization. * To gain some new information.

* To determine how the candidates are evaluated and selected within an organization. 2. To determine expertise required for diverse vacancies in an organization.

1 . several Scope with the report:

We are really grateful to our study course instructor Ethica Tanjeen В as for her that we have got the opportunity to carry out such deductive task. Through making this term paper; we will be able to gain the useful knowledge. It can help us to boost our interaction and conditional skill that may benefit all of us in future. Even as are just learning in BBA so we have some insufficient knowledge to complete such activity efficiently and effectively and there must be some mistakes through this report. Yet through carrying out such analytical job we could overcome the lacking.

1 . 4 Data collection technique:

we have gathered our info from a territorial supervisor of Nokia who is browsing in East west school.

1 ) 5 Restrictions:

As there is nothing perfect, we all also faced some issues during planning the statement. However , We now have tried each of our best to full our survey nicely. One of the limitation is that this is a example on one business and therefore you will see no evaluation made among several companies. One more limitation might be that most of your empirical info have been become from our principal source. This might be a drawback since it is one individual's subjective opinion rather than objective, statistical information. However , we feel that the information given to us is still of relevance and importance to the work and we have included many second sources as well to stability it up.

Section: 2

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