Essay about RETL 237 Syllabus

RETL J237 Consumer Economics

Fall 2014


Molly Willis



Cell phone:

843-437-3930 (cell)


[email protected] sc. edu

Virtual/Online Office Hour Options

1 . Email – send a message and I will get back to you within just 24 hours installment payments on your Phone – leave a note and I are certain to get back to you inside 24 hours

What is the course description?

Customer Economics. (3) (Prerequisite: non-e ). The economic challenges of everyday existence presented with an enterprise framework, endorsing the scholar's well-being as being a consumer.

What may possibly I learn from this course?

At the completing this course, learners should be able to: Clarify changes in American consumers' finances over the past 10 years Distinguish variations in consumers spending patterns within the last decades Apply retail and economic concepts to buyers spending habits

What do I need to commence this course?

Textbook + Access to your computer + Access to the internet


Bickle, Marianne & Prosper Base. (2012). The Changing American Consumer. Succeed Publishing: Kentkucky: Worthington.

Available at the University of South Carolina Book shop.


Full assignments

Internet Access

Login Blackboard. Once in Blackboard you will content your tasks, communicating with different students, and posting text messages regarding the study course content.

What is the format pertaining to the training course?

This is a 16-week distributive learning study course that is provided through online (web-based) instructions. Students are responsible for viewing/completing all study course Power-Point sales pitches and blood pressure measurements as assigned on a every week basis and for actively participating in course activities. Mrs. Willis does not constantly check email on Saturdays or Weekends

Which email do I use for this course?

You are required to use your USC email bank account throughout this system. I will be conntacting you concerning grades and assignments.

How do I fill in assignments just for this course?

Completed assignments are to be published via the Learning Modules case

How could i earn extra credit?

Extra credit will be designated throughout the program. Approximately ten features in extra credit will be provided. Directions for completing the extra credit rating assignments will probably be posted on Blackboard throughout the term.

Will be late function and makeup exams recognized in this course?

No . Almost all assignments, quizzes and exams must be posted online by deadline. Most assignments are available from the beginning in the semester. I also provide extra credit in this time. Students are required to have access to a computer system and the Internet. All projects are posted via Blackboard, thereby permitting students to transmit assignments coming from any site in the world. Consequently as stated inside the syllabus, late assignments are not accepted for almost any reason. You'll certainly be allowed to get the projects (not the quizzes -- - the assignments) a large number of instances. If you are anxious about missing the deadline, you may want to do any of the pursuing: Post your drafts on-line

Post your assignment the day before the deadline

Post your assignment the morning of the deadline

BE CAREFUL: The clock on your computer might be different than that clock about Blackboard. In case the clock differs by about a minute, you might be locked out of the job. Plan accordingly. I recommend that you submit the assignments prior to the almost eight: 00pm deadline.

CONSIDER PRECAUTIONS against missing deadlines. If you forget to take the exam by December 10, 2014 at 8: 00pm you will not be given an extension. The cumulative exam exists from Aug 20, 2014 until January 10, 2014. The instructor can post a reminder regarding assignments, quizzes as well as the exam. You are encouraged to check your Blackboard announcement page each day.

Grading Scale

Academics dishonesty will probably be dealt with relating to...


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