Essay regarding Strategic Arrange for Student Authorities in Bicol University

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Bicol University College of Science

Section of Information Technology and Computer Science

AY 2013 - 2014







The University Student Authorities is the greatest student govt organization in Bicol College or university. It is autonomous in commencing program of actions towards the development of Bicol University through student action. The University Student Council shall: 1 . Plan and organize student activities designed to increase the general well being of the college students as well as to make them for constructiveВ citizenship; 2 . Represent the studentry inside the Academic and Administrative Authorities of the University and other actions concerning the college students; 3. Help and serve the students whom may need assistance especially in working with the faculty, administration and other members with the academic community; 4. Keep regular visits in every college of the School; 5. Distribute University inner policies which have been vital pertaining to the development of students' consciousness of their rights and privileges; 6. Coordinate together with the Office of Student Solutions on pupil matters, affairs and actions. The Student Council operates as the highest governing scholar body in Bicol University or college and continually conduct the activity inside the University. For the past three years that I've been students in the College or university, I can say that the University Student Council carried out the same actions all over again.

It is on a monthly basis of Summer that they maintain Freshmen Welcome Party. It can be every month of July that they can visit every college to visit acquaintance party in the school unit. It is in the month of September that the USC spearheads trainees Governance Teaching. It is just about every September when the student council celebrated the September's Fest and contains the extravagant Mr. and Ms. Bicol University. It really is every month of October if the USC data its accomplishment and economical report and braised on with the second session. It is every month of November that the authorities visited campuses to carry out enrollment assistance. It is on a monthly basis of Dec that the Student Council Officials went to NCR to attend Nationwide Congress. It truly is every month of January that the USC retains seminar for the students. It truly is every month of February that the University could have its CSC/USC election for the next student market leaders who will contain the position plus the council. It is every month of March the fact that council collates all their achievement and economic reports to get ready for move and leave the position.

These types of recurring habits of the University Student Council with regards to Projects Applications and Activity became something of the pupil leaders. And this routinely activities fails to champ the essence of presence of the University Student Council.

Student Council can be found to represent every student while student government. It is right now there to make sure that the administration that students get their voice inside the University. It really is there to make certain that students holds other industries in the College or university accountable because of the existence with the Student Council.

At the moment, the University Student Council because the highest governing student business engage on its own with social websites. This immergence helps the USC to simply disseminate details among pupil body. Fb and other networking communities make the USC conveniently allow people to notice that the Student Authorities is doing. Almost all activities, courses and plans were plugged on social networking sites.

This study should bring on the best of the Student Authorities by designing a Comprehensive Information System called " USC Official Gazette”. This Information program includes: 1 . The University Student Council's Eyesight, Mission, Goals and Objectives. 2 . The Programs/Projects/Activity with the Student Council.

3. The Sandigan Newsletter, the official...


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