Essay about SWOT research

In the mid-1990s, Dell Pc used a SWOT examination to create a strong business technique that has helped it become a really strong competitor in its sector value cycle. Dell determined its strong points in selling straight to customers and in designing it is computers and also other products to minimize manufacturing costs. It identified the weakness of having no relationships with local computer system dealers. Dell faced dangers from rivals such as Compaq and APPLE, both of which in turn had much stronger brand names and reputations for quality during those times. Dell recognized an opportunity simply by noting that its buyers were progressively more knowledgeable about computer systems and could stipulate exactly what that they wanted without needing Dell salespersons answer questions or perhaps develop configuration settings for them. It also saw the world wide web as potential marketing tool. The results of dell's SWOT analysis will be:


Sell directly to consumers

Maintain costs beneath competitors' costs


No strong interactions with pc retailers


Consumer desire to have one-stop shopping

Consumers know what they want to get

Internet might be a powerful traffic generation


Opponents have more robust brand names

Competition have good relationships with computer suppliers

The strategy that Dell followed after performing the examination took most for in the SWOT components into consideration. Dell decided to offer customized computers built to order and distributed over the phone, and eventually, on the internet. Dell's approach capitalized on its advantages and avoiding relying on a dealer network. The brand and quality threats posed by Compaq and IBM were lessoned by dell's ability to deliver higher perceived quality mainly because each computer system was custom made for each buyer.


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