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Test Paper – 2013

Course – XII

Subject – Chemistry (Theory)

Period allowed: 3 hrs Meters. Marks: 75

Standard Instructions:

1 . Name two antidepressants. 1

2 . Specify 12-16 compounds. 1

3.. Specify the pseudomolecular reactions. one particular

some. Give one sort of sulphonation response. 1

5. Create IUPAC identity of CH3-CH=CH-CH2- CHO1

6. Pull the framework of zwitter ion. 1

7. Convert Benzene to flurobenzene. you

8. What are environmentally friendly polymers? Give one example. you

9. Exactly what Antifertility drugs? Give examples. 2

12. Define colligative properties with example.

a couple of 11. A 1st buy reaction is definitely 50% full in half an hour at 270C and in twelve min. by 470C. Compute (i) charge constant pertaining to reaction in 270C and 470C.

(ii) energy of activation to get the reaction.

12. What is activation strength? How is it related to level constant K? 2

13. Give four variations between types of emulsions. 2

18. What are lyophobic colloids? Give two good examples. How does lyophobic colloid vary from lyphillic colloids. 2

15. Compare the stability of +2 oxidation state of elements with outer electric configuration 3d64s2, 3d54s2 and 3d34s2 in aqueous solution. 2 OR PERHAPS What is Lanthanoid Contraction? Talk about two effects of Lanthanoid contraction. 2

16. Clarify the system of dehydration of alcohols. 2 18. Distinguish chemically between a) phenol and ethanol b) methanal and ethanal. a couple of

18. Write the formula of the effect involved in the planning of Bakelite. 2

19. Approach crystallizes in a cubic close packing composition (FCC) The metallic radius is 125 pm. Get 3 the advantage length of the product cell. How many product cells is there in 1cm3 of Approach? How various atoms are available in 1cm3 of Ing?

20. Calculate the boiling point of 1M KCl option. Density of solution=1. 04g/cm3. 3 Gustar mass of KCl=74. 5u Kb=0. 52K Kg mole-1. Assume KCl is 90% dissociated in aqueous answer.

21. Give the structures of a) XeO3 b) H3PO4 c) PCl33

22. Account for the following: a few

a) Zn, Cd, and Hg are certainly not considered as transition elements. b) Actinoid display variety of oxidation process states.

c) Transition precious metals forms alloys.

3. a) Publish main evidence of werner, s co-ordination theory. b) Draw the geometrical isomers of [Co(NH3)3(NO2)3] OR What sort of isomerism can be exhibited by simply [Co(NH3)5Br]CO3? Write the IUPAC name of the isomers. Try chemical check to distinguish between these two isomers. 3

24. Make clear SN1 and SN2 Reactions. 3

twenty-five. Outline the guidelines of refining of the metals by the following methods: a few a) Mond's process b) Liquation c) distillation.

26. Explain next: 3



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