Essay about The Press and ’The Culture of Nudity’ Between Nigerian Youth adults



The Media plus the " Lifestyle of Nudity" among Nigerian Youths



It is a prevalent thing to see women and men (both young and old) dressed indecently. Dressings through this order incorporate: see- through dresses and blouses, revealing blouses that expose the navels, shirts that reveals the body forms to the extreme, skirts that reveal the laps, extremely tight pants and exposing leggings, tops that start up the breasts, sagging among the male gender most especially teens, and so on. The era we could now is highly characterized by indecent dressings, a phenomenon that we call " The Tradition of Nudity”. It has permeated almost every establishment in the country: the colleges, most especially the bigger institutions, companies both exclusive and public, the places of worship (the house of worship especially), many provoking to me is in the video industry, who is supposed to preach morals to the society. Other great tales and on. I actually consider it shameful and out of state of mind when girls are dressed up half- bare all in the name trendy fashion. Shower is an important part of culture that physically distinguishes a group from one another. Nigeria is a nation with varied ethnic organizations having abundant and devoted culture, an element of which respectable dressing can be. Nigerian native dressings will be gradually recently been eroded away from the society in the name of modernization and exposures to foreign multimedia contents through the mass media, especially the new media. According to Articlebase. com (2011), every culture has their own dressing requirements that may vary from one to one other. As such, any dressing that deviates in the standard types as it influences the moral values of these culture can be said to be indecent. An indecent dressing is definitely provocative, distressing, and of negative influence on others. In accordance to Egwim (2010), a great indecent dressing is the attitude of someone, female or male that dresses to showoff parts of the body including the breasts, buttocks or even the undergarments particularly those of the ladies that need to be covered. Social websites platforms including Facebook, Tweets, YouTube, and so on have revealed the people to various contents which have been alien and endangering to the culture. The advent of advertising, most especially the new media, has brought a significant, in order to the dressing aspect of the Nigerian culture. The way you costume is the approach you happen to be addressed. Aims of this write up

To explain the style, " Traditions of Nudity" among Nigerians, most especially the youth. For connecting indecent dress up in Nigeria with the new media being a causative component To identify the effects foreign direct exposure on the dressing culture of Nigeria. To use relevant theories to explain the concept of indecent shower as accessible in Nigeria. To proffer feasible solutions to the menace of indecent dressings Negative Impacts

Globalization of cultural history has some bad impacts in certain areas. Akande (2002) appears to understand associated with this adverse impact if he said that traditional western adventures produced efforts to undermine the cultural traditions of various lenders around the world through colonization, imperialism and now the positive effect. He declared that cultural imperialism left the colonized within a state of cultural disorientation which is prone to cultural invasion. Theories that explain the problems associated with dressing

Cultural Imperialism

Dependency Theory

Cultivation Theory


This is a theory that was propounded by Plant Schiller in 1973. Social imperialism is a process in which the echange of news and entertainment through the developed universe dominates the cultures of developing international locations. It is the economical, technological and cultural hegemony of the developing nations, which in turn determines the direction of both monetary and cultural progress, identifies cultural ideals, and standardizes the civilization and social environment throughout the world. The...

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